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Amy E. Robertson is a Seattle native who has long been obsessed with travel. She studied in Boston and Madrid for her bachelor’s degree, and upon graduating took a job with an international consulting firm. This position led Amy to a life of globetrotting — she traveled to more than 50 countries in less than three years. She then returned to school, earning a master’s degree in development studies at the London School of Economics, where she also met her husband, who hails from Italy.

After working in international aid for five years in New York City, Amy and her family began life as expats in Ecuador, brought there by her husband’s job with the United Nations. While in Ecuador, Amy made the career switch from development to travel writing, a livelihood she continued when she and her family made the move to Honduras in 2007, and on to Beirut, Lebanon in 2012. Her writing has been published by Eater, NPR, Vice MUNCHIES, Budget Travel, Delta Sky, National Geographic Traveler, Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor and Travel + Leisure, among others. She is the Connected Traveler Contributing Editor for the website TransitionsAbroad.com, and an ambassador for GivingWay.com. She also provides content marketing material for clients in the travel and hospitality industries.

Since Amy often has her kids tagging along when she travels, as well as her husband whenever he can get away from the office, not to mention her parents, her mother-in-law, and other random relatives as they are able, family travel is of particular interest to her. Other passions include volunteer vacations (Amy wrote a book on the subject), food and wine, sustainable tourism, and the kind of travel that enables her to connect to the communities and cultures she is exploring.

When not writing about travel, Amy helps others with their writing, providing report editing and proposal writing services to non-profits and international organizations.

Amy spends three months a year divided between her family’s hometowns: Seattle, Rome, and Messina, Sicily. She is also currently working on  a novel for young adults, about discovery, self-knowledge, and of course, travel.


6 thoughts on “about Amy

  1. Hello Amy! I have just been reading a bunch of your writings on the internet. Can you advise me on how I might get involved in volunteer work, in a serious way, in Lebanon? I have 20 years overseas missions experience. And now I have the time and the inclination to do something that helps, in a significant way, in that part of the world. Do you have any suggestions? People and organizations I might contact? Maybe a trip to Lebanon to see the needs first hand? I would appreciate any advice that you might have for me. I am a US citizen, living just outside Washington DC. Many, many Thanks! Steve

    1. Thanks for reading Steve! The organization Heart for Lebanon does good work here, and accepts short term mission volunteers. That may be a good way to get your feet wet and see the context first.https://www.heartforlebanon.org/short-term-teams/
      In general, ways to help depend on your skill set, and having Arabic language skills would be a big plus. I suggest looking at http://www.idealist.org and http://www.daleel-mandani.org for organizations working in Lebanon and contact the ones working here that you think might be able to utilize your skills.
      Or, to help from home, check out my article about ways to help refugees at https://medium.com/@traveler0603/7-ways-to-help-syrian-refugees-and-the-reason-why-you-should-6355192579aa#.7a2jixnk3

      1. Thank You Amy! Thank you for replying so promptly and extensively to my request. I am now reviewing the information on the websites that you sent. Again, many thanks! And best of luck to you in all your endeavors. Steve

  2. Hi Amy I’m the founder of Young American Expat and ran into your pieces and your website. We are launching a new “Americans in the Middle East” section soon and would love to feature you! Feel free to check youngamericanexpat.com my email is richie [@} youngamericanexpat.com……looking forward to hearing from you! -Richie

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